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While the same regulations apply on every section under the General Board, child forums like Foreign Languages have extended rules in which some of them posses minor modifications in their contexts and dictate as:




* No other Language than the section, (or/and thread)'s shall be spoken unless given permission by the local Moderators or Senior Members. Failure to follow such rule will result in punishment; post will be counted as Spam and user warned/infracted.



* If you had happened to take interestest in this certain sub section, but do not speak the native language and wish to do so, you shall state this clearly, and then be guided by other members/moderators of it. 


* Use of translators and such devices as means of spamming is not allowed.


* Whenever you wish report any irregularity but do not speak the general board's language you might feel free to do so here. But be reminded that you still need to follow the basic procedure. 



* While these sections might or might not have an specific Spam Zone you must always try your best to stay on topic. You must keep in mind that even if these small communities are places for friendly gathering abusing your posting power is not allowed and necessary measures to avoid this will be taken.




Thank you, Community Staff Team.

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